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Actor/Screenwriter, 29 years old.
Began career on the tv show "Freaks and Geeks" playing Nick. Currently stars in the NBC hit "How I met your Mother" as Marshall.
Featured in a handful of tv shows and movies such as "Knocked Up" but is best known for his leading role in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". Segel also wrote the screenplay. He has said in interviews that he based his 10 years of hapless dating when writing FSM. You can catch his most recent film "I love you, Man" now. He is also writing Disney's the new Muppet movie. He likes to play with muppets. He also can play the piano and composed some of the soundtrack for Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
Jason is an extremely talented dude. And while his career is on FIRE he comes across as humble, lovable and genuine in interviews. He is a present day "every man" . He claims to not be very successful when it comes to dating and has even used real life heart beaks in his work. He has a very large fan base of women who think he is dreamy.

He dated ER actress, Linda Cardellini from 2001-2006. He was seen several times with Drew Barrymore in 2008. And there was some speculation about Evan Rachel Wood when photos surfaced. He is currently "painfully single" (as of April 2009)

Jason was raised in the Pacific Palisades of CA. He has a older brother, Adam, who is 4 years older and a younger sister named Alison (Ali) who is 6 years his junior. His Father is a successful corporate attorney and his mother is a home maker.

Jason enjoys Muppet's, drinking, music, basketball, comedy and women
Jason Segel is today's version of Jimmy Stewart.

by millymoo303 April 07, 2009
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