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The name given to someone who believes and practices the religion of Janoism, that believes Lord Jano Rassoul and Shrek simultaneously created eachother to be sent down to earth and warn all of us of our sins. After a Janoists Death, one goes to the Rape Dungeon, where Our Lord Jano Rassoul must rape us to allow us to rape all other Janoist people in the dungeon. Not long ago our Lord had a fetish for Rape, and an addiction to McDonalds, along with countless online girlfriends, that ended up being men. Lord Jano Rassoul is, and always will be the only person that can recommend good porn.
Michael: I have to pray to Jano.

Benjamin: What?
Michael : I’m Janoist

Brnjamin: oh! I’m atheist.
by Fixit2324 November 01, 2017
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