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A term coined by Shimpoe, it is a phenomenon akin to Murphy's Law, but worse.

Instead of just everything that can go wrong doing so, it also gets progressively worse as you try to adapt and remend the problem, and outside interference of any kind absolutely defeats the purpose of even getting out of bed that morning.

It is called Jamesluck because it only seems to follow around Jameso, who despite his horrid aura and the bad things that always happen when he's around, refuses to believe in karma.

Common exclamations made during the process of Jamesluck include:
2. "There is only one way this could get any worse. Being raped."
3. "Figures."
4. "Worked fine until you showed up"

Jamesluck is not merely limited to Jameso. It affects anyone who is near him for any amount of time. It destroys electronics, mechanicals, health, and safety. No one is protected from it's comically miserable wrath.
"My tire blew out, but I got it changed. Then, on my way home, the brakes died. I tried to get to a garage, but I ran out of gas. But oh, then, while I was walking to fill my gas can, I was hit by a dumptruck. Driven by the Pope."


"Fuck you."
by tomjack mcnarnia September 24, 2007
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