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A very quiet girl at first. She doesn't speak much but she is a wild lover to have by your side. She has many friends who are quite crazy but she knows how to love a real man the way a man's supposed to be loved. She is a beautiful girl and many would agree. A strange, dark, mysterious girl with a pure sweet heart. She's caring, extremely humorous, her smile might leave you dangling by a thread and her eyes will make you feel like you're drowning in a pool of stars, darkness and twinkling lights. You will fear her, you'll be afraid of her, she is mighty and strong. She looks ready and prepared for any attack, you'll feel as though she's about to strike at any moment if you approach her. That's why she's so lonely. She's ready to give the love and care to anybody who yearns for it. She'll only ever love one man and she'll always be there for her friends. If you love her, it won't be like loving a dream, instead it'll be a dream loving you. But you'll always find her walking by like no one else exists in the world around her because she's used to being alone and alone is how she'll stay.
Theres Jaimelyn again, I wonder why she's so quiet...
Jaimelyn's so beautiful...
I really want to talk to Jaimelyn, but I'm scared shitless!
by Twilightinyoureyes1092 June 21, 2018
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