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This is a latino guy who started as a stand up comedian in the mid- 70’s when he was 16, and their were no Mexican comedians in Hollywood. Jaime (his real name Alejandro Delgado) and Paul Rodriguez are like mexican pioneers… Jaime grew up in Lincoln Heights, East Los Angeles. Because he was under age and couldn’t get into nightclubs legally or television show castings without being accompanied by his parents, he got jobs like “valet” parking cars at comedy clubs as an employee or worked handing out tickets to TV show tapings in front of Hollywood Chinese Theatre on Hollywood boulevard then would go inside the TV shows like Happy Days, Laverene and Shirley, Mork and Mindy, the Jeffersons because he worked getting the studio audiences for the TV tapings and started getting “extra” work on TV shows. Theirs a documentary on this guy’s life coming out called “Hollywood Desperado”.
Mid-70’s, Mexican pioneer comedian Jaime Monroy headed for the bright lights of fame and fortune, and makes it as the Hollywood Desperado!
by Oralarry July 25, 2008
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