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Jaiger filthy is a term for someone who goes above and beyond the call of simple perversion, into topics that make you imagine things you never wanted to see in your entire life. Or, in fact, something that you could go your whole life without ever thinking about. Jaiger filthy is not for the faint of mind but easily definable. You will know Jaiger filthy when you come across that one special person who understands how to effective employ their arsenal of Jaiger filthy words.

Jaiger filthy can come in many forms and variety, not limited to the drunken members of society, but also can extend to the sober, who enjoy mentally scarring the population. Many of it's natural forms should not be uttered under this definition, as I will not willingly submit those who are faint of heart to the true form of Jaiger filthy.
"There is only one person who can be Jaiger filthy in this group, and that's me."

"Dude, don't be Jaiger filthy"

"Do you see this in chat? It's Jaiger filthy"
by Sabelina May 09, 2013
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