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The most, sexiest, wonderful, caring person you will ever meet. Once he finds the girl of his dreams, he won't give up. He is really easy to fall in love with. If you find a Jah'mel, never give him up. You will regret it. Just know that he loves you.
He has to be a Jah'mel, he's to sexy!
by Ilovemyself03 May 30, 2018
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Jah'mel is a name that means "wonderful" and "honest". If you find a Jah'mel never let him go, if he loves you, he will be the most loyal person to you, he will love you to the ends of the earth. He's very persistent and motivated when it comes to the things he wants.
by Ilovemyself03 June 10, 2018
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An independent nigga who gets it from they're mother who came up from nothing and is expecting to do the same thing she did. Always has deep thoughts and wonders why they're the only one who thinks this way and why no one can relate likes rappers who have two first names (ex.)Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott

They usually hate to talk to people but when it gets down to it they wouldn't be the person they are without the influence they get from the people around them Jahmels can never get a holds of their father ever since he went to the corner store to get a 40 and didn't come back.
Damn I like Jahmel's watch where you think he got it from

why Jahmel's hair so ugly though
by VIBIN March 30, 2017
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Jahmel is the most wicked person on earth he was born June 15 2007 his death date is July 5 2020 he is evil,dishonest and the most lieingest person in the world he will meet the devil on his death date
by Unkown shadow March 10, 2019
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