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Also known as Megatron, The Ghost aka The Phantom Menace, JPG and Stormtrooper #1.

Leader of the Decepticons and the biggest drugs ring on Cybertron. Known to be involved in the smuggling of Tijuana Iguana and Diesel. Was once caught having a naked knife fight with Galactus by The National Enquirer.

Before becoming a galactic drug dealer, he worked as a prop gun on "Bonanza" and was thrown off the set of "The Crow" for killing Brandon Lee.

Jacob P. Galvatron is known to be an associate of Mack Daddy Wave, Fabio and Ricardo Montalbahn. Dislikes Connect Four and Optimus "Prime Time" Prime.

Jacob P. Galvatron was once romantically involved with Rosie from "The Jetsons". They had a son called Johnny 5.
Hurricane Katrina ain't got shit on him if we are led to be believed.

His adventures were chronicled in My Way Entertainment's "Transformers".
"Stormtrooper #1 aka your boy, JACOB P. GALVATRON!"
by Mr. I'mbetterthanyou March 10, 2010
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