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A beautiful and gorgeous youtuber with over 700k subs. She makes pretty good music and she does so much better than Social Retard AKA Social Repose.
i love JaclynGlenn she is an awesome youtuber!!
by Shrek-Tastic! August 06, 2018
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Jaclyn Glenn is a YouTube whore who lures sad autistic atheist men to her videos with her looks and promiscuity. Professing herself to be "rational" and "intelligent" she sounds like a typical dumb bimbo, often struggling to speak coherent sentences, her limited vocabulary is only matched by her lack of understanding in not only history but religious concepts.

As per-usual for retarded atheists, she also promotes debunked conspiracy theories such as the Jesus Myth theory. The "theory" is based on the long-since refuted garbage of some poet called "Gerald Massey" who declared that Jesus was inspired by a bunch of pagan gods from Egypt such as Horus.

The "theory" was later expanded to include Roman and Greek gods. However anyone with simple research skills can examine books on ancient Egyptian and Greek religions and mythology or visit academic sites on these subjects to see that none of the gods Christ mythists invoke share any similarities with Jesus. (Mythists for example, preach that Horus was born of a virgin, baptised by someone called Anup the Baptiser and had 12 disciples but no academic sources or Egyptian texts support these claims and the character of Anup is an atheist invention that only appears on atheist sites, showing the entire dishonesty of this little so-called theory).
Finally, the historical existence of Jesus is proven by the records of several 1 st century historians (although Christ mythists try to refute these by claiming they are all forgeries or don't prove anything but these claims are generally disregarded by historians who are actually educated in historical research and analysis).

Despite not being educated in theology, history, philosophy or science, Jaclyn Glenn still talks about these subjects with her mindless male atheist audience from Reddit nodding like sheep in agreement. Her irrational hatred towards Christians couldn't be more apparent if she tried and her bad logic could easily be refuted by even someone of an average IQ.

Being a genuine mentally challenged individual, Jaclyn thinks that all Muslims are bad people and terrorists because of the actions of terrorist groups. Evidently she overlooks the terrorist groups of liberalism (the politics she supports).

Jaclynglenn sure is a dumb shit who loves to generalize.
by Atheism is bullshit June 02, 2015
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