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JaclynG is well-known YouTuber who makes videos about religion, politics, and contemporary events.
aclyn is an atheist, and she highly dislikes organized religion. She has repeatedly criticized Christian teachings, televangelists, and many high-profile Christian leaders. She is also very critical of religious intolerance - especially towards the atheist community.

Jaclyn has also made many videos about politics. She has attacked and embarrassed many well-known Republican politicians, such as Rick Perry and Sarah Palin. Jaclyn is also a social progressive, and she supports the legalization of marijuana. In one of her popular videos, she soundly debunks the arguments made by Steven Crowder in his video, "Marajuana: The Truth."

Jaclyn makes many sound and intelligent points, and she is very funny and sarcastic. Most atheists on YouTube love her.
I really liked JaclynG's video about Rick Perry's herpes.
by xsteelfactorx February 11, 2014
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