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The 5th member of road trip . Jack duff is the youngest member of road trip , the only boy from Ireland , and the final boy to join road trip officially in Christmas of 2016 after trialling for the band , being picked up when brooklyn wyatt-Gibson fellow roadtrip member had forgotten his passport and the other road trip boys had gone to Ireland for tour . Jack has a talent allowing him to fall asleep anywhere which means the other boys in road trip often prank him in his sleep , he assists mikey cobban in editing the vlogs aswell as having the skill of singing amazingly, he also is very similar to spooderman and is often confused with him .
How did jack duff fall asleep there ? Wow that’s skillfull I wonder how the roadtrip boys will prank him now ?
by Jacks_Roadie April 11, 2018
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An irish lad who is in a boyband called roadtrip. Quite weird, especially when with Brooklyn bit overall funny and kind.
Jack Duff is a sexy Irish man that is better than Niall Horan
by Arty_Roadie August 11, 2019
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Jack Duff is an Irish bean from a band called RoadTrip TV. He loves this girl called Mais, mais I love u sweetcorn. he’s fit lol yeet.
omg look it’s Jack Duff with Mais!
by lolimboring October 30, 2019
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