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JDM Pose: Popularized by drivers in Japanese car tuning magazines, this type of pose is typically random, silly (though sometimes serious), and awkward. The poseur attempts to contort one’s body in the attempt to create a new pose. However, the outcome is typically the same, i.e. forming an “M” on one’s head by pointing elbows to the sky while touching the top center of the cranium. Those with advanced techniques have the ability to create unappealing facial mannerisms while simultaneously contorting the legs. More advanced configurations can be performed while lying on the ground or can be attempted with props such as mannequins, other humans, or stuffed animals.
Nerdy Asian #4: Hey, we should take some pictures with our cars!

Hansom Pretty Boy Asian #1: That’s tight.

NA4: Let’s do a JDM pose!

HPB1: Ewww, no way. Those are played out.

NA4: So what? They still do them in the Options 2 magazine!

HPB1: Okay.

Hanson Pretty Boy Asian #1’s Girlfriend: I’m gonna take the pic now. Hurry up so I can go shopping.

NA4: (grabs knee with right hand, while putting left arm behind head) Sugoi!

HPB1: (puts both hands behind head and starts thrusting his pelvis)

HPBA1GF: You guys are dumb. (snap!)

NA4: We’re so cool. Let’s get bubble tea!

All: Okay!
by b-squared April 14, 2005
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