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Sometimes a games developer/design team member gets overly self conscious about whether content they have created for a high profile game is appropriate for the audience. This causes a mental state similar to manic depression wherein the developer alternates between being excited and proud of their work and weeping quietly in a corner whilst chewing their shoes. This repeats several times on a daily basis from roughly halfway through development until the game is released to the public and is known as the 'JB wobble'.
"Dev(a) has a minor case of the JB wobble."

Dev(a): "I've finished the character models and animations for the cybernetic attack foetuses, they're looking sweet!"
Dev(b): "That's great, I love the way their umbilicals trail behind them!"
Dev(a): "Kind of graphic isn't it? you think we can get away with it?"
Dev(b): "Sure, it's thematically appropriate."
Dev(a): "It'll look fantastic when you strangle them with their own cords, man I'm stoked!"
Dev(b): "Should work great with the blood particle effects."
Dev(a): "It's gonna get an M rating, no one will buy it, germany will probably ban it outright - this could be a mistake."
Dev(b): "It'll be fine, we can add a gore toggle for germany."
Dev(a): "Sweet! oh man, it's so wrong, I'm going to hell, we're doomed, it's going to bomb so bad."
Dev(b): "Look, will you just quit worrying? No-one's gonna be offended by cyber foetuses in this day and age, and anyone who is will be too distracted by the main character's rotating laser nipples to notice."
Dev(a): "You're right! laser nipples! BEST GAME EVER!!"
by Harold Harcourt March 20, 2009
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