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A person who is the leader of The Riften Kings on Elder Scrolls Online. This person is a Comedic, Cool, Smart, Amazing person to be around. This person has a well known name in the town of Riften. The guy has almost everything in the game! Has the respect of Bethseda. Who the fuck is JAY C though? A song was made about this person on YouTube then taken down. People from Auridon come over to bow to their master like N7 America.
Person 1: JAY C RUTHLESS, Can I ask you a question?
JAY: 13"s
Everyone: * Eyes widen with confusion and shock * Uhmmmm.
JAY: *Bursts out in laughter*
Person 2: *Starts singing the song about him*
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by skylordz23 September 10, 2019
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A perverted form of Santa Clause claiming to be your friend and mentor yet robbing you blind while lying to you.
When I was trying to be your friend why did you JayC.Ruthless me?
by Jack Froze October 10, 2019
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