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A school in which cool kids only consist of both rich asian and white kids. Blacks especially loud girls are generally looked down upon and are almost never seen hanging out with the whites and asians. But there are a few selected black kids that are "in". The white boys are usually west end boys who wear khakis with lanyards hanging out of their pockets and tshirts from their favorite colleges and teams or polos. The asian boys wear jeans and khakis and some sort of name brand shirt or polos. The loud obnoxious black kids tend to go ham and wear some crazy shit like rocawear, baby phat, southpole, and shooters. The football team sucks as crap but the entire team thinks theyre so cool walking around school when theyve barely won any games.
A usual conversation between kids at J.R. Tucker High School:

white kid 1: are you going to hilary's bonfire tonight?
asian kid 1: yeah. are you guys?
white kid 2: yup. we're going.
black girl 1: aaaaaawwwwww heeeellll naaaw!
black girl 2: wwwtttfff is this????
black girl 3: yall emburrrassing me forreal.
white kid 1: (mumbles under this breath) oh no. stupid loud black girls. lets walk away.
asian kid 1: im with you on that.
by lollolimlaughing July 01, 2011
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