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Can be a ( noun ) or ( verb) if a person gets the nickname J Pen first this person inhales booze ( like a drink dumpster they will drink anything that you can't finish) they tend to have slutty tendencies(even their best friends will say they are b*tchy) and are hard to trust ( the kind that will smile to your face but at the same time try to molest loved one behind your back). J Pen can also be a rude trashy, slutty, or just plain nasty action.
Man last night J Pen got really out of hand she wouldn't stop touching me I don't think I will be inviting her out next time my girlfriend was pissed and I was too....

The action example: To trade a drink with someone after spitting your gum in it or ashing a cig in it. That would be pulling a J Pen
by Spendifferus December 26, 2010
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