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This highly banterous name, originating from Tonbridge School, is bestowed upon a figure wise beyond beers, who is well known for often donning their lashmina or indulging heavily in bangers and lash, particulaly at Bar Fusion, resulting in the occasional and hilarious chunder dragon. Akin to an MBE for services to drinking, but better. Also commonly referred to as a ginpin.
Man #1: So ____ I heard that you had quite the weekend?
Man #2: Yehh boi ! Did the Circle Line pub crawl and got so hammered that I ended up going over to this midget, giving him my sock and telling him "Dobby, you're free"
Man #1: Mate it sounds like you earnt some serious man points that night...From now on you will be known as the Jägertooth tiger
by Yehhhboi290643 April 08, 2013
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Phil says: "Hey chico what are you lookin' to do tonight?"

Diego says: "Man I'm looking to get jumped by a Jäger Tooth Tiger."
by ~Q~ April 21, 2010
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