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Jäger in a shot glass dropped into a tall glass containing a 50/50 mix of beer and Red Bull. A more epic (more alcoholic) version of the Jägerbomb! Fun! Highly chuggable.

Alternative method of preparation: gently pour one shot's worth of ice cold Jägermeister on top of a wide glass containing a 50/50 mix of ice cold and foamy beer and Red Bull ==> you'll get a layered/gradient Jägerbitch. That's how I like my Jäger, bitch!

Example conversation:
Waitress: "What can I get y'all?"
Average Joe: "I'd like a Jägerbitch!"
Waitress: "Whoa hold it right there, are you calling me a b*tch?!"
Average Joe: "By no means, I'm merely referring to this awesome new drink! It's one shot of Jäger dropped into a 50/50 mix of glacial-friggin-cold beer and red bull."
Waitress: "I like your style. Coming right up."
To unwind after work, I like to have myself a Jägerbitch.
by Jeraen July 24, 2014
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