A homosexual person with a left ear ring who many believed was ment to be on the right ear. Also a person who has a slight lisp, is fat, short hair, horrible acne, and is a tomato. Not only is a J Bell fat twat, their mother is also. The doctors not only had to do a c section, they had to knock the mother out so she would stop yelling "i don't want a gay son just shoot him". A J Bell only sees female genitalia when they are born. After that when they are home alone cause they don't have any friends they start messin with their chode and decide to look at some 80 year old men give each other cleveland steamers, the computer shuts off because not only does it not want to look at a J Bell, it is in denial that it couldn't have been put to more use. A J Bell is also so fat that when a tennis ball is hurrled in his general direction, his gayness repels it into the street or surrounding area, because the tennis ball doesn't want to get J Bell Coodies. See J Bellititis for a list of symptoms for this disorder.
"Stop being such a J Bell"
"I J Bell'd your dad last night"
"If i were emo, i would be a J Bell"
"That dookie i took looks like a J Bell"
"He is so fat he could be a J Bell"
by Ruzz June 2, 2006
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The most beautiful girl in the world. She loves to laugh and always loves to have a good time. She deserves to have the best boyfriend on earth. You could never meet her but still fall in love with. You couldn’t ask for anything better. She is the best best friend and girlfriend a guy could ever ask for.
J belle is a Georgia peach.
by NotDominickW April 13, 2020
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slang for AIDS and/or gonerreha
"I might have developed J Bell Coodies"
by Ruzz June 2, 2006
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