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A person who plays Ragnarok Online. Is a son of Mosin Nagant, also plays RO. they both lived during the World War II and stole Hitler's Wallet, after the Atomic bomb was dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 they both went to Antartica and froze themselves. After many decades of spending time in a frozen ice Mosin Nagant was thawed out by the scientist in 1990 and the scientist taught Mosin everything they know about science, including the Incubus album "S.C.I.E.N.E." after 20 years of research Mosin went back to Antartica and thawed out his son Izzy and thus begin a beautiful life of Ragnarok Online. Now in their teenage years Izzy and Mosin are spending time together in a place where they can PK anyone who wants to hurt them, it is called a state of Aldebaran, Luina. Izzy is a vixen/tree/human with a broken penis and is now having baby foxes with a german girl. Mosin on the other hand is still studying science and is now taking a doctorate degree on alchemy, sources say that he want to stop world poverty by turning lead into gold and creating homunculus to replace prositutes. In 2012 they are planning to go to Philippines and go on a vacation they will eat everything that Mosin ate when he was a little science fair winner when he was a kid.
Gary: -saw a father and son bonding- WOAH look at those two Ichbaal. Those two are sharing popcorn and his dad is giving the little boy a huge elite teddy bear that he just bought from the guy who works the corners

Ichbaal: who those two guys? I've never had a father figure in my life i dont understand them, I hate my name.

Gary: yeah, those two have the Izzy/Mosin Relationship. I want that. You're name is really weird
by AkitoRagnarokOnlineNinja February 25, 2010
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