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An orgy of sorts involving five men, one woman and a bullhorn. One man, the Coxswain, stands and receives oral sex while directing the other members of the orgy with the bullhorn, "Stroke, Stroke, Stroke, Hard right etc." The woman giving the coxswain head is also being done from behind by the anchor man. This forms an H position. Another man lies under the woman on a triangular sex pillow and has vaginal sex with her (alternative: he can be hanging from her like a sloth). On each side of the woman is another man who receive handjobs from her while she is getting done from behind, beneath and blowing the Coxswain--hence the dircetions he gives, "Stroke, Stroke..."
"I was at a frat party last night and saw your girlfriend as the middle member of an Ivy League Rowing Team, I couldn't look away! She was getting it in the ass the pussy blowing some guy and jacking two others off. Sorry bro."
by Chet Rockwood August 15, 2009
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