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a "meme" that's based on a video created by "TVFilthyPrank"
Used when something "disturbing" is shown.
(FNaF Rule 34 is shown on screen) "ITS TIME TO STOP!" Green Screen cut plays
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by Monokuma1112 October 27, 2016
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When people really need to stop, or when you lost your parents. "ITS TIME TO STOP OK"
You'd probably use this when your friend hops into your van into your seat right next to you. It's time to stop.
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by Om3n! November 30, 2016
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whenever says something stupid or not related to the conversation.
Person 1 " You know, I really like the new episode of rick and morty, it is kind of sad though."
Person 2 "I'm thinking of dropping out of algebra because I would rather be the top student in the lower class"
Person 1 "It's time to stop!"
by GalacticTacoz September 20, 2017
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