When the driver of a motor vehicle runs the engine up to near full load and speed for an extended period of time to burn off built-up carbon in the combustion chamber. The term originates from Ferrari mechanics who would drive cars around a race track several times after a tune up to get the engine hot enough and subsequently burn off the carbon. Many Mercedes-Benz Diesel owners also use this same technique, too.
After replacing the distributer cap, rotor, and spark plugs and tuning the carburetor in my AMC Concord, I performed an Italian Tune Up to finish off the job.
by Gerald C. Meyers March 23, 2009
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When someone tries to fix a car by over-revving an engine for a long period of time. The idea is to burn whatever the problem is with your engine.
Also used by shady mechanics to rip people off when nothing is really wrong with the car.
I got ripped off by the mexican repair shop. All they did was give my van an italian tune up and charge me 180$.
by Jorge Valdez August 16, 2007
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