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Hebrew for "crazy israelis"
should be said as -is rail ee mesh oo gah-
every israeli that comes to america.
Loren was bleaching the toilets at midnight and forgot to tell us in the morning, israeli meshugah!
by Madeline B February 11, 2006
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Someone who bases his argument, in favor of a Jewish state in Palestine, on religious text, claiming that Yehve (God) gave them the land (I had no idea God was a realtor), yet declines to accept factual, historical evidence in the form of the existence of an entire people, i.e. the Palestinians as the residents and native inhabitants of Palestine.
Historical Timeline According to an Israeli Meshugah (About 75% of Population):

1948: "God gave us this land 60,000 years ago back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. We hereby declare the establishment of the State of Israel".
1967: "Remember back in 1948 when we kicked your parents out of Haifa? Well now is your turn, you West Banker".
by James R. Dean June 25, 2007
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