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A variation of beer pong in which two separate and level surfaces (aka islands) are aligned across from each other with cups placed upon each in substitution of a proper table. The game offers a practical solution for not having a beer-pong table or space for one and is thus popular in college dorm rooms. Islands can be comprised of any two level surfaces but are commonly identical desk chairs with ottomans placed on the seat of each one. Some island-pong advocates include a third surface between the islands such as skateboard on a piano stand for players to bounce shots off of which, when made, result in a penalty of two or more cups.
“Trying to play some beer pong right now but I don’t have a table. Oh wait, why don’t we just grab my roommate’s two nightstands and play us some wicked Island Pong?”
“I’m game! Sounds hella tight!”
by Clark The Squirt April 10, 2011
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