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a very attractive muscular young man who will stay looking young for a long time. Girls secretly want him and he has an abundance of friends. He is musically talented and loves sports. once you meet him you will never find an other guy like him.He is daring and adventurous and will always put a smile on your face to brighten your day. He tends to look out after the people he loves and cares about their feelings. Once you gain his trust he will always be there no matter what the situation is. An isaias flores also tends to have a dark mysterious side to them that can be very fun or very dangerous. Very few ever discover his secrets and those who do tend to become like him.
I like isaias flores hes a great person to be around with but theirs something mysterious about him, i dont know what it is...but i like it.

Boy1:All the girls are excited
Boy2: that's because they saw isaias flores pass by

nothing can possibly go wrong when isaias flores is with us..(most of the time)

isaias flores kicks ass!!
by studs rice September 08, 2010
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