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Is'Real is a male name who is usually very short but also very humble in a great person to be around he loves food In if he says he loves you he means is always a very social person loves making friends but you show him your not a good friend he Will leave you alone and is very protective person all the time you need help you call Is'Real.
by Part of five October 24, 2018
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This is a name for a male.

In my experience, they are very tall, and they flirt with absolutely everybody.

They like math and Minecraft.

They’re also a huge dork.

And anime seems to be a big thing for them.

But they can be very caring to people.
Isreal, which girlfriend do you have this week?

Wow Isreal you’re back with your ex?

Isreal you’re a dork.
by EllaSpagetti July 11, 2019
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The wrong way to spell ISRAEL! go back to 4th grade you dibshit!
its spelled I-S-R-A-E-L, dumbass!
not isreal
by holy_noize December 23, 2008
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