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Known as the Maverick Mage, Pluvius, or Magmard Dragoon, Irregular Hunter Dragoon is an immortal warrior, known from ancient Japanese myth, who is said to have absolute control over the elements of fire and ice. As myth says, Irregular Hunter Dragoon was also a tremendous swordsman as well as a sharpshooter skilled with the composite longbow. While both mage, ninja, and rogue at once, one thing is certain: Dragoon was virtually unbeatable. Dragoon was also equipped with an advanced robotic weapon on his arms, known as Dragoon-Busters. Multiple things have been named in his honor, amongst them a character from the popular Capcom game Rockman X4. He recently has emerged from his slumber which he started after Nobunaga's success in taking the Japanese throne. Rumor has it his sole purpose is to get laid before going back to sleep and taking out a wretch who goes by the name of Jako. This 'Jako' character also calls himself God, but is respected by none. Dragoon shall surely win, as he his skills are surpassed by none.
Dude! Dragoon just messed that guy up bad!

Check out Dragoon's skills!

"Jako shall fall at the hands of I, Dragoon!"
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