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Iron Yeti is an Iron Horse but with the enhancement of snow. see iron horse sex acts
Iron yeti is an enhanchment of the popular sex act Iron Horse. To exacute a Iron Yeti you MUST exercise extreme caution, first the female lies down in preferably snow but any cold surface will have the desired effect. Female must be sexually aroused. The male then takes aim at the ladies genitalia and tosses a few snowballs. Once the female is cold the male runs at the female dives into the air and shouts out IRON YETI. To exacute the Iron Yeti the male must penetrate the females vagina Once penetration has been achieved the sharp coldness off the snow and warmth of the females vagina will enhance sexual satisfaction massively for both parties. EXTREME CAUTION ADVISED
by RPM (rutting park massive) September 27, 2010
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