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Despite having a pleasant lifestyle compared to most (two iPhones, their own car, an education, food on the table, etc), IDA-Hs always finds something to complain about. Whether it be how they haven't eaten all day despite attending three different restaurants or how their friends are horrible people when they are only trying to help them, there is always something to be upset over.

They are also never accountable for anything. The reason they broke up with an abusive fling? It's their mother and best friend's fault, not theirs. Depression? An iron deficiency. A friend's bout of domestic abuse after a series of mutual nasty texts? It was one-sided, and the friend is the only one responsible for the heinous words.

These creatures also desire as much attention as possible. Known for being more attractive than most beings, they constantly deny their beauty around others, desiring to attract attention from the present company. They also love playing with their best friend's emotions, and they believe ignoring their friends' pleas for them to get therapy will win over their love.

Never drink with IDA-Hs, either, as they will only take two shots, shout about how "drunk" they are, vomit all over the bathroom at five in the morning, expecting everyone else to clean it up, then pretend to be incredibly hungover the next day, hoping others will take care of them.

These people must be avoided at all costs. Even conversing with them is playing with fire.
Friend1: Hey! Party tonight at Maggie's! A lot of booze will be there! Want to come?
Friend2: Will Iron Deficient A-Hole be there? If so, I'm not cleaning the bathroom like last time.
Friend1: Of course not!
Friend2: Awwwwwwwwww yeahhhhh. See you later tonight, bro! Wu-Tang4eva!
by WuTang4evabroseph July 06, 2011
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