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Anal copulation, esp. between a man & woman.

This term alludes to the deep-rooted historical popularity of anal sex among the Irish in particular, & Upland Britons in general. The main cause of this predeliction is the 'Irish Curse' - the small size of the Celtic Penis which results from evolutionary contraction to conserve heat (as per Allen's Rule) in the damp-cold climate characteristic of the British Uplands section of the British Insular biogeographic province in the Euro-Siberian (or Palaearctic) ecoregion. This anatomical peculiarity is further exacerbated through contrast with the bulky & muscular working-class Celtic Nordic-Iranian frame. Thus the Irishman prefers to quench his voracious sexual appetite in the narrow & tight anus of the Hibernian female.

Likewise, the closely related 'Punjabi Curse' & 'Hindustani Curse' are the cause of the prevalence of anal sex in North India, whence paedicatio is termed 'Punjabi Sex' & 'Hindi Love' the world over.

Meanwhile, Bergman's Rule implies the female 'Irish Arse' is very large, causing a natural anal fixation. Coupled with the virtual absence of friction during Vaginal Sex with an Irish Penis, Irishwomen naturally prefer 'Hindi Sex' with an 'Irish Inch'. When desiring Vaginal Orgasms, Irishwomen typically resort to Caribbean or Mississippian Blacks, just as Hindi females turn to Dravidian Negroes, on account of the superior size of their genitalia.
1) "Irish way, the. Anal intercourse between man & woman (a form of birth control)." ('Wicked words' Hugh Rawson. NY: Crown Publishers, 1989: 212)

2) "The Irish Way. Heterosexual anal intercourse. Traditionally, Irish wives would roll over on their stomachs when their husbands became amorous, allowing them only anal entry to prevent pregnancy. This particular form of sodomy carried no social stigma, & is described by JP Donleavy with some gusto in The Ginger Man." ('How to Hate Thy Neighbor: A Guide to Racist Maledicta' Merritt Clifton. Maledicta {ed Reinhold Aman. Waukesha: Maledicta Press} vol 2.1-2 (1978) 149-174: 161)

3) "Interestingly, Irish-American writers Sean Kelly & Rosemary Rogers connect heterosexual anal intercourse with Irishness in the list of common figures of speech they cite in a popular survey of Irish culture. The 'Irish way,' denotes heterosexual anal intercourse, they say ... " ('Austin Clarke's 'Tiresias' & the Aisling Tradition' Ed Madden. The South Carolina Review {Furman Univ, Clemson Univ} Vol 32.1 (1999): 60f.)

4) "A recent (& somewhat humourous) primer on Irish culture for Irish-Americans lists in its glossary of common
figures of speech 'the Irish way', a euphemism for heterosexual anal intercourse, ... See Sean Kelly & Rosemary Rogers, 'How to be Irish (Even if You Already Are)' (N.Y.: Villard Books, 1999), 75." ('Tiresian poetics: modernism, sexuality, voice, 1888-2001' Ed Madden. Madison, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. Press, 2008: 351)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza August 12, 2011
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