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Recently, scientists have discovered the last page of the kama sutra was ripped out. This page is rumored to contain the steps to the ultimate sex move, which has been nicknamed the "irish twist". It is protected by a small group of sex gods, lead by OG MUDBONE, known as the Order of the Orgasm. Each member knows one step, and will only pass it on to their disciple before they die. All who search for the secrets of the irish twist have been found, killed by over-intense orgasms. Some key steps are predicted to be an industrial washing machine, a leprechaun or two, and a thunderstorm. After the irish twist is complete, a man will be able to find the extremely elusive Z-spot, then die from his orgasm. After 69 days, his penis will rise and he will rule the world
OG Mudbone is the only man alive who can control the power of the irish twist.
by xtremeirishman October 25, 2014
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