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Iratzè Ramirez is the most smokin' hot dancer. From what I've read about her, she loves pizza, turtles, and her family. She is a sweet girl with amazing talent. She is a bit of a narcissist though.
Sean: "Did you see Iratzès performance last night?"
Ray: "Duh, she's fire! 10/10 would bang"
by WhovianCutie April 10, 2015
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Iratze is the one and only girl in the world. Unique and special and beautiful. A seductive lover and a charmer of all men who come across her. She is musically gifted and had a sweet sense of style, and always is dressed properly for any occasion! She is gorgeous, amazing, stunning and beautiful! She is closely related to the sweet goddess Aphrodite. And there's only one of her!!
Is that Iratze Aceves? GOD I wanna be her!!
by Iamtheiratze April 01, 2018
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