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The Iraqi Gas Mask is a slight variation of the Arabian Eye Goggles. When applying the Iraqi Gas Mask, the initiator places his sack on the recipient's eyes, and then places the ass crack/ taint on the recipient's nose. The anus is then firmly placed on the recipient's mouth, forming a nice, airtight seal. Once the seal is formed, a heft blast of ass gas should be released into the mouth of the gas mask wearer. The Iraqi Gas Mask is a complex maneuver which is not for the faint of heart and requires stealth, skill, and daring.
I was gettin' my freak on with this fine piece of trailer trash last night and gave her the trusty Arabian Eye Goggles when she licked my sack. When she least expected it, I put the Iraqi Gas Mask on her! Much to my surprise, the little freak loved it when I let out a burrito supreme fart right into her mouth!
by Tank178 January 09, 2010
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When one is pleasureing there partners shaft, the other partner farts in there face.
Cartman gave kyle an Iraqi Gasmask when kyle attempted to lick his ass.
by dude from Florida May 12, 2009
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