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Slang that doesn't throw useful light on a valid concept significant to Urban and Hip-hop lifestyle; created unnecessarily and with low taste to 'cop a cheap thrill.'
Youth X: "Did you see my rides windows? Check those out my brotha: one could call them Tintastic."

Youth Y: "Tintastic? Totally. Koooool."

Youth X: "Bombastic Tintastic..."

Youth Y then proceeds as quickly as possible to make Tintastic an Urban Dictionary entry and all persons who think that the Urban Dictionary is on the whole a good idea receive a bad idea in the email.

Urban Dictionary email subscribers proceed to think to themselves, "Well, I know allot of the concepts in the dictionary help me relate to people on the street and at the club and give me good words to use with my siblings, but some of the slang that I get in my email reads like it was conjured by an invalid. I think that that invalid slang should have be withheld within that invalid slangers mind for at least a few months before he emailed it to all of our inboxes. Oh well."
by D. Cerantola December 29, 2007
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