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A means of indicating how intoxicated you are to others.

Scale definitions:
0% - Stone cold sober
30-80% - "Head clear" zone. The point where you have a buzz but are not fully intoxicated.
50% - You are too drunk to drive (legally)
100% - Fully (and comfortably) intoxicated
150% - "No longer fun" drunk (ie. slurring, stumbling and making an ass out of yourself)
200% - So drunk that you will puke at some point (could be the next day)
300% - So drunk you pass out
400% - Death is near
Person 1: "How drunk are you on the intoxication scale?"
Person 2: "I'm a solid 70%, you?"
Person 1: "I'm already at 100%"
Person 2: "Nice. I need to drink faster to catch up."
by Vic320 February 04, 2010
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