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Is an upcoming AAA indie oped door development sci-fi first person shooter trilogy currently in development by Zero Point Software for PC, and an eventual release on PS3 and 360. Their various mottos are "AAA indie" "For the love of the game" and "You will believe".
Being AAA indie they are not funded by multi-national million dollar corporations, and are funded by pre-orders. This game so far has 3 demos available to free members as pre-ordering allows alpha access. These demos are "The Vault" a showroom full of characters and info etc. "Bullseye" a shooting gallery type minigame. "Running Man" where you fight off against hordes of aggressive combat drones. And "Deadlock" their currently alpha stage multiplayer.
From available demos and a comparison against COD MW2(or possibly MW1) it is extremely realistic. As sounds are much better aswell as swaying when running (and list goes on...). In my opinion this looks like a halo and cod killer. And music is far better than anything.
IM Fan: "Have you heard about Interstellar Marines? It looks like the best game ever!"
COD Fan: "No MW3 teh b3st g4m3 eva!"
IM Fan: "You realise that you say that about ever COD game? (whispers "then watch gay porn"). Hacktivision doesn't care about you! They put out a "new" game every year because they're to lazy to keep stopping hackers, and knows what happens if they don't. ZPS cares, their motto is "for the love of the game". Not "slap on a new ui on this.""
COD Fan: (to disgruntled to use l337, but after years of exposure to inferior style games has no sense of grammer or speaking true-english) "No thay doent!!!..."
by KrimzinZV December 28, 2011
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