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Noun used for trolls, e-bullies, and the like, whose sole purpose online is to harass, intimidate, and upset other Internet users on social networking sites (such as Twitter and Facebook), message boards, forums or even comments on news articles. Most likely frustrated pre-teens and middle-aged adults with a computer in Mom's basement. The goal of the Internet Brave seems to be twofold: to bring a user or users to tears and to scare said users off the Internet. However, well-seasoned Internet users will know that the Internet Brave use the Internet as they are incapable of being brave in the real world. The term can be used as a singular or plural description.
User: I love my boyfriend!

Internet Brave: I hope he kills you in your sleep, you worthless piece of ****! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

User: I don't even know you! Why would you say such a thing?!?!?

Internet Brave: Because no one cares about you!!! So go cry, stupid *****!!!

User: :'(
by Bionic Kitteh June 24, 2010
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