The internalized male gaze is the act of depicting women in f.ex. movies and literature by hetero sexual men. Every woman is influenced by it everyday, because they have this male voyeurism inside their mind. Since the rise of kinks ( everything can be a kink/ many kinks are normalized) and the oversexualization of woman, there’s no space which isn’t influenced by it. Everything a woman does could cater a male viewer, which is in the basic form, what society to this day forces on women. This whole process is for the majority more on a subconscious level.

The line between the free will and the internalized male gaze is fluent and many woman can’t tell the difference anymore between ‘what do I like?’ And ‘what attracts men?’, because it’s been taught to them through movies, through their parents and the media that they should please men.
The way hollywood is showing Megan fox fixing a car in the transformer movie is a prime example of the internalized male gaze, since she can’t even repair a car without being sexualized.
by Jay.meee February 16, 2021
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