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What you call someone who:

defies all logic
rapes children/animals
dresses in fursuits
wears dildos for fashion
anal penetration reception from angry African American males (ages 18-75)
is currently NOT circumcised
has orange hair
is not related but borrows money and doesn't pay back
wears white belts
"frosted tip" hair cut
swooped bangs
smoke cloves
have buckles on their clothing
is an emofag
is a scenefag
is an artfag
is a culturefag
is a Grammarfag
and any other type of overly offensive fucking asshole that should be absolutely legal to just fucking 100% execute in public.
fuckin' crowd and everything.'d watch it.
Prima: If you read all of that you're an "Intergalactic Goof."
Secunda: I got about three words in then went back on Facebook, and said how gay this was, then used your insult against you.
Prima: I fucking hate this planet..
by ForceFedFetusFillet April 25, 2012
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