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Intellectual Gangster is a combination of paradoxes in a person's character i.e Intellectual & Gangster : resulting into elite members of a society with the following traits. (at least 16 traits of the below should be possessed or exercised to become an intellectual gangster, opposing any of the below traits in a person's character will automatically kick him out of this category)

1. Someone with a sharp mind of his/her own. Doesn't follow the negative trends of society linked with culture, music and way of thinking. However this person is not one of your wannabe Gangsters from MTV. He is the type who doesn't need his gats to kill a person. He does it with his words. (Intelligent with the streets and the books)
2. A Gangster who'd rather use his wits/intellect than talk about how he has multiple sexual partners.
3. A person who doesn't sleep around with hoes
4. A person who doesn't keep fuck buddies

He does one night stands if offered by intellectuals, not dumb hoes and trashy pussies.

5. A person who seeks the truth even in darkness
6. A person who writes, reads, explores, travels, raps.
7. A person who cares about his family and loves his girlfriend.
8. He is also a playa with those who try to play him
9. Science is his definition of core in hardcore hip hop.
10. He states the obvious, is not afraid to tell the truth.

11. Has no beef with police, cuz they don't look for him.
12. You can find him at the library doing some hardcore research.
Don't fuck with Eminem or Immortal technique cuz they will intellectually murder you cuz they are intellectual gangsters.
by ImproVindicate June 29, 2014
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