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1. Somebody who labels themselves as an emo all over instagram and post their "cuts" and "scars" basically asking for attention even though they say its not for attention.
2. Somebody who claims to be emo and posts how "terrible" their lives are.
1. Swag Fag: "Bruh, dat idiot on instagram @nuro.the.snow.wolf is totally an instagram emo." (thats my account XD)

2. Instabitch on instagram: "Omg my parents made me take out the trash today. They hate me, my life is terrible. Im gonna go cut myself now lolz. I'm soooo Emo." *snaps selfie*
Instabitch 2: "Omg your life sux so bad, i wish i could be there for you DX"
by RileyFish April 28, 2015
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