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Inspector Spacetime is a cult classic British TV show, on air since 1962. The titular Inspector is an alien who has come to Earth to protect us from dangers throughout space and time. The Inspector travels in his famous X7 Dimensioniser Time Booth, or just "Booth",a red telephone box which is "just a little too small on the inside". The Inspector is the last of his species, the Infinity Knights. He fights alien enemies, such as the ever-feared Blorgons, the Digifleet, and the Sergeant. He travels with his many companions, such as Angie Lake, Constable Wigglesworth, the lovely mary sue, and the tragic pansexual James Haggard. A long runner with several spinoffs, Inspector Spacetime is truly a British classic.
No relation to community. Do not confuse with its imitator, the far worse doctor who.
1. Inspector Spacetime is much better than Doctor Who.
by sixseasonsandamovie June 22, 2012
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