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The Insane Kneedick is a sex movie between Male and female/male. It is open to all genders as long as a dick is invloved because The Insane Kneedick is done by one of the partners bending on one of their knees and the other is foot up. Like a marriage proposal position. Then you oil up behind the knee and insert the dick and rub it and down to create a dick inside a vagina effect. The benefits to the Insane Knee dick would be first because the semen wouldn't travel up the vagina thus not becoming pregnant and secondly this act can be done between gay couples or couples with a strap on.
mary: wanna go back to mine to try out the insane kneedick?
John: I'd sure love to mary i'll just grab my oil to oil up behind your knees and then i'll get my dick out and stick it in
by Insane14Feb March 25, 2017
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