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A Myspace perfection group that is run by a very vain gay guy named Christopher Giovanni, who owns the best perfection group on Myspace to date and is one of the most hated Myspacers in the Myspace Perfection Group Scene. Hundreds of people apply but never get in. Some members are ugly but alot are very hot. Alot of people don't like posting in Innovative Quality because they are scared of being talked down to by the meanest members of Innovative Quality. Innovative Quality is one of the hottest and meanest perfection groups on Myspace. People hate that group enough to spam it, try to hack it, and inevitably delete it but Innovative Quality always come back the next day. It's best just not to join it, because even if you do get in you want to resign the next day cause you feel like you aren't wanted and not elite enough for any of them.
Christopher Giovanni - "Uh, you're gross you aren't getting in my perfection group you haggard cunt."

Boots iq - "Oh my gosh you are one ugly little bitch."

Taylor - "What the fuck is that thing? It needs to fucking get out of Innovative Quality, or I will resign."

Morgan apiq - "Don't fuck with me, I will make you resign you nasty bitch you don't know what's coming I will stomp all over that acne covered face faggot."

Adrian iq - "Your photoshopping skills fail, get out & eat my ass on the way out the door."

Maruki Ap / Iq - "You look like something I ran over with my car......twice."


"Am I good enough to join Innovative Quality?"
by keishalingling September 18, 2009
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Innovative Quality

A Myspace perfection group that started in February 08'. It has gained the title of being one of the most elite myspace perfection groups to have ever been created. It is very very very very hard to get into and even if you do get in Innovative Quality the chances of you of staying in for more than two weeks are slim to none. It has alot of fakes and so many haters. Christopher Giovanni is the group leader and is really mean not alot of people apply because they don't want to get denied by him. Most of the members are really good looking and very mean.
"Omg, Innovative Quality is having drama again"

"I wish I was in Innovative Quality, ugh I want that tag so badly."

Elisa ap iq vip - "Omg, someone is trying to call me out in iq, fuck that I will own that bitch."

Amanda Lynn ap iq - "I keep getting added by so many uglies because I'm on the top friends list in iq, /deny."

Liz Chomp ap vip iq - "I'm fucking beautiful, so many people ask me if I can nominate them in IQ hahahaha,, not happening."

by keishalinglingjackson September 26, 2009
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