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A psychological survival technique commonly found in males that allows them to overcome obstacles in survival situations.

Symptoms include:

Instant ability to use any melee or ranged weapon to ridiculous excess.

The abandonment of any code of honor and respect for life, religion, and/or property.

Massive spikes in manliness, such as the deepening of voice and loss of shirt (an added headband is also a clear sign.)

The systematic "I give-no-shits" attitude towards any hominid that doesn't possess a vagina.

Dramatic weepy background dreams and flashbacks. (The manliness factor is not affected during or after)

A severe immunity to bullets and any other tactical firepower.
After John's plane crashed in the South American rainforest, he used his Inner Rambo to survive the massive number of government insurgents between him and the U.S consulate.

Jim's Inner Rambo kicked in and he carried his attractive female boat passenger to safety, leaving all the other fuck-offs to become instant meat shields.
by Flagged January 16, 2013
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