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Of, or pertaining to, the good things about The Invisible Network of Kids, or INK to those in the know, which is a cartoon made in France by Samka Productions. Its' main storyline is about the efforts of four students at a boarding school called Pinkerton who form a secret organisation against their overbearing, insane, and mostly just plain evil teacher Miss Sadie Macbeth. The four students, namely Vin, the pretty boy who created the network, Trixie, the leader, Newton, the gadget guy and Zero, the big hearted rebel (Who is actually female) are in a constant battle against Macbeth as their Principal, Mr. Cosmo Soper, remains oblivious to Macbeth's ulterior motives to boot him out and take over the school, whilst enslaving all twenty of its' students. There are 26 episodes in series 1, and as of yet it is unknown if it will be continued.
Have you watched Invisible Network of Kids yet? The third episode is inktastic!
by psychedpolkadot October 12, 2011
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