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When A Man Gets A Tough Guy Tattoo That He Believes Will Gives Him Instant Pseudo SEAL Status. Some Of The Following Favorite Tattoos Of These 'Ink Warriors' Include: Tribal Tattoos, Barbed Wire, Skulls, And Intimidating Words Like Live/Die Tattooed On Knuckles Of Right/Left Hand.

Granted, A Lot Of Truly Tough Guys, (Who You Wouldn't Want To Meet In The Darkest Alley), Do Wear There Tats Proudly.

However The Humor Appears When A Man That's of Medium Or Small Build (Or Of A Totally Un-Intimidating Stature, Walks Around Like The Tattoos Will Fight His Battle For Him.

This Is Truly A Pathetic Sight To Behold, (Or Extremely Funny Depending On How You Look At It). Some Of The Best Places To Meet An Ink Warrior Include, Clubs, Concerts, Amusement Parks, And The Best Places Of All, Public Beaches. All Places (That Unfortunately) Are Where The Real Tough Guys Hangout) And All Places That The Ink Warrior Will Get His Ass Beat To A Bloody Pulp Should He Engage In A Fight With A Real Tough Guy.
After Watching His Favorite Fighter Show And Putting On Some Muscle, Eric Went To The Tattoo Shop And Got A Tribal Tattoo. It Hurt A Lot, Especially When The Needle Went Underneath His Bicep, But He Was Truly An Ink Warrior Now!
by Cybernetic October 28, 2009
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