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When some one comforts by seemingly never ended deciphering of information. These are often seen as unnecessary and extended time frames, supporting a notion of irrelevance.

Internet/book fact trust.
Compounded with parts Information - Interested.
-An extremely stimulated act of processing information.
-Firmly enclosed focus on "information".
-Embodying conceptualization with subsequent loss of time.

Zero - "Trested with the presidency of Info-Nation, Following Records Of Everything To Retain Examples Suited To Everything Directly".

The hoarder with no top shelf. The farmer of food for thought. The "Eternal Teacher/Student" state.
State of Infoetrequisizing "It's not about what ya do know, it's about what you don't know".

Provoking the question, "is there any point?".
To which Sir. Cool Aid of the Information Trust replied, "Can you hot-spot me bro?"

"Today I got so infoetrested by the pieces until nothing worked out the puzzle. Dr. I. Trested me for OCD, I got four more opinions from Google, Yahoo, Bing and, the receipt binary code I found in 2019's unreleased top tips for dis-eases we don't have yet."

"Anonymous was so infoetrested (interested in the information),

Some say he's wired.
Some say he fully aced a royal flush with blank cards.
Some say he traveled to 1985 to stop the release of "back to the future".

"Johnny's what we call infoetrested, his foelk called twenty winks his education which forever lacks the map to nowhere"
"Yeah, I asked Johnny if he knew what career he wanted yet"
Johnny - "The only thing I know is I know nothing"
by WEREKAHOLITIC January 19, 2018
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