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A person who socializes with models, actors, pornstars etc in order to feed off of them for publicity, usually negative, and post it on blogging and social websites and forums to place themselves in a light only parallel to the entertainment industry. This is different than a publicist, who usually actually gets paid
A good example is me. I decided to make this term up because im an adult film star and one time I had a less than stellar public appearance in LA and this guy who serves no purpose other than poison, drew up a horrible, critiquing blog about me, as he has done to other stars that he knows, to get himself attention. Then as fans would back me up with comments, he screens out the positive attention to leave it negative. An Industry Parallelite sometimes can exist in the form of positive applications of blogging and celebrity gossip, but this is less common as negative attention arouses the media more.
by Dempsey Stearns July 14, 2008
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